Attention Health Plans!

To help you save money and meet budget goals, we are pleased to offer a special group discount so that your entire team can benefit from the exclusive educational opportunities only available here.
We provide an intimate, one-on-one atmosphere where everyone learns new strategic and tactical insights through an open idea exchange between plans.

Our mission is to maximize learning and networking. This is not a vendor-driven trade show; This is a conference designed to showcase case study examples on how to achieve your plan goals. 
For details, contact Aron Barkan at
[email protected] or
call 561-674- 0082.



  1. This offer is for health plans, hospitals/provider organizations, and government ONLY. You have to be a health plan, hospital, or government employee and have a health plan, hospital, or government email address. Affiliated companies are not eligible
  2. Both registrants must be specified at time of registration. Substitutions from the same company at a later date are allowed, but you need to specify two attendees with complete information at time of registration.
  3. Both attendees must be from the same health plan, hospital, or government.

If you have any questions regarding your registration, please contact Aron Barkan at 561-674-0082 or [email protected].

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