2023 Partners

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Ceresti is the leader in virtual care for frail elderly members who depend on a family caregiver to manage changes in their condition. Ceresti’s digital caregiver empowerment program supports and upskills family caregivers via personalized education, proactive coaching and remote monitoring, all delivered via an app deployed on a dedicated tablet computer that is shipped to the caregiver’s home. Third-party validated member outcomes include an 80% reduction in avoidable hospitalizations and a 50% reduction in medical costs.

NationsBenefits® is a leading member engagement, benefits administration, and healthcare company that partners with managed care organizations to provide innovative healthcare solutions aimed at driving growth, reducing costs, and delighting members. Through its comprehensive suite of innovative supplemental benefits, payments platform, and member engagement solutions, NationsBenefits helps health plans deliver high quality benefits to their members that help address social determinants of health and improve member health outcomes and satisfaction. The Company’s compliance-focused infrastructure, proprietary technology systems, and premier service delivery model allow NationsBenefits’ health plan partners to deliver high quality, value-based care to millions of members. To learn more, visit NationsBenefits.com.

Hinge Health is building the world’s most patient-centered Digital Musculoskeletal (MSK) Clinic™. It is now the leading Digital MSK Clinic, used by four in five employers and 90% of health plans with a digital MSK solution. Hinge Health reduces MSK pain, surgeries, and opioid use by pairing advanced wearable sensors and computer vision technology with a comprehensive clinical care team of physical therapists, physicians, and board-certified health coaches. Learn more at http://www.hingehealth.com.

Every day, in countries across the globe, Milliman works with clients to improve healthcare systems, manage emerging risks, and advance financial security, so millions of people can live for today and plan for tomorrow with confidence.

Supporting Organizations

Insightin Health helps healthcare payers eliminate data silos and deliver highly satisfying consumer-centric experiences. inGAGE™ – our software as a service (SaaS) platform – is the industry leading solution for quickly creating a connected data ecosystem. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, inGAGE™ leverages the totality of the connected data, in real-time, to produce insights that drive Next Best Action (NBA) recommendations to solve pressing healthcare challenges. inGAGE™ allows healthcare payers to deliver lifetime member value, driving growth and increasing overall plan profitability.

Vida Health is a virtual care platform intentionally designed to improve a person’s whole health by treating mental and physical conditions, together. Vida’s clinically validated approach combines an AI-powered, personalized experience with the support and human connection of coaches and therapists. Vida’s app offers video sessions, messaging, and digital content to help people prevent, manage and reverse chronic conditions — like diabetes and hypertension — and the mental conditions that accompany them — like stress, depression and anxiety. Some of America’s largest employers and health plans trust Vida’s whole health offering. Learn more at www.Vida.com.

Centauri Health Solutions offers risk adjustment solutions, as well as eligibility and enrollment services to the government payor space.

As a leading provider of technology-enabled analytics and services, Centauri helps health plans to manage their variable revenue linked to population health and eligibility factors. We help clients optimize revenue cycle management, while helping their members realize quality-of-life improvements. We possess specialized expertise in sophisticated hosted software solutions, data driven services and data management capabilities. These efforts result directly in better-informed health care delivery, richer benefits and reduced out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

With nearly 35 years’ experience helping members enroll in government-funded assistance programs, we understand that your members’ health extends beyond their medical care. That’s why our Social Determinants of Health program proactively pinpoints gaps in resources and connects members with health-enhancing programs in their communities.

Centauri is charting a new path in healthcare with power to solve and passion to serve.

healthAlign is a company pioneering supplemental benefit administration in Medicare Advantage and connecting health plan members to a full spectrum of in-home service providers. healthAlign was acquired by The Helper Bees (THB) to create a full-service insurtech company that delivers conscientious member engagement backed by a robust regulatory platform. This unique combination of service and technology provides the infrastructure needed for payers to access, deploy, and scale quality non-medical services into the home, thereby transforming independent aging for millions of Americans.

BeneLynk is a national provider of Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) solutions for Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid health plans. We serve plans and their members by creating a human-to-human connection and providing the assistance a member needs to get the benefits they deserve.

By employing one dynamic conversation that flows organically to meet SDoH challenges, we build stronger human connections that are supported by innovative technology.

Our mission is to improve lives and positively impact SDoH barriers by providing our healthcare partners with the information they need, and people with the advocacy they deserve.

Kaizen Health is a healthcare logistics platform - removing transportation as a barrier to living a healthy life. Kaizen Health serves healthcare providers (safety net hospitals, FQHCs and large health systems), Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, senior living, home health, clinical trials, non-profits, etc.

Kaizen Health brings together all levels of transportation (inclusive of courier/delivery services) to ensure a full offering for their clients across the social determinants of health (accessing healthcare, food, pharmacy, education, employment, housing, social services and social activities).

Convey Health Solutions is a specialized healthcare technology and services company that is committed to providing clients with healthcare-specific, compliant member support solutions utilizing technology, engagement, and analytics. The Company’s administrative solutions for government-sponsored health plans help to optimize member interactions, ensure compliance, and support end-to-end Medicare processes. By combining its best-in-class, built-for-purpose technology platforms with dedicated and flexible business process solutions, Convey Health Solutions creates better business results and better healthcare consumer experiences on behalf of business customers and partners. The Company’s clients include some of the nation’s leading health insurance plans and pharmacy benefit management firms. Convey’s healthcare-focused teams help millions of Americans navigate the complex Medicare Advantage and Part D landscape. To learn more, please visit www.ConveyHealthSolutions.com.

Allymar Health Solutions is an end-to-end technology enabled Medicare Advantage platform designed for growth-oriented plans and risk-bearing providers. Our solutions, powered by and partnering with Accenture, provide capabilities and services at scale that were previously exclusive to large national payers. Allymar provides core administration services managed within our ecosystem that unifies all the data producing real-time reporting, analytics and dashboards to our clients. Allymar provides end-to-end AI enabled risk adjustment and quality solutions for payers and providers.

Papa creates connections that matter. Across the country, health plans and employers look to Papa to provide vital social support by pairing older adults, vulnerable populations and families with Papa Pals, trained and vetted companions, who provide a helping hand and an open ear, resulting in less loneliness and better health.

DPNCheck® by NeuroMetrix® is an innovative point-of-care solution used by senior-focused payors and providers for early detection and staging of peripheral neuropathy, which has ~30% prevalence rate in this population. DPNCheck provides accurate, objective data to help reduce costly complications, improve patient outcomes, and support accurate clinical and risk documentation.

ConnectureDRX develops innovative Medicare and drug transparency technologies, unparalleled distribution networks and actionable healthcare insights to deliver a personalized member experience that contributes directly to our customers’ growth. Our solutions support the entire Member Journey— from acquisition to engagement to retention—driving member satisfaction, reducing costs for both members and health plans, elevating CAHPS scores and positively influencing Star ratings. For more information visit www.connecture.com or contact [email protected]

Hello Heart is the only digital therapeutics company to focus exclusively on heart disease, the leading cause of death for U.S. adults. Tackling whole heart health through a connected device and mobile app that uses AI, behavioral science, and personalized digital coaching to drive lifestyle changes, Hello Heart empowers people to embrace healthier behavior, which can reduce the risks of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease. It also helps users catch blood pressure readings that are extremely high and irregular heartbeat, and encourages them to talk to their doctor to identify potential risk in time. Validated in peer-reviewed studies and trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies, Hello Heart is easy to use and works alongside an employer’s benefits ecosystem. Founded in 2013, Hello Heart is a member of the American Heart Association’s Innovators’ Network and is part of the CVS Health Point Solutions Management program. Visit www.helloheart.com for more information.

Interactive Forums that Demystify Health Care
How does a Health Care/Medicare/Medicaid Teletownhall work?
Teletownhall broadcasts can educate thousands of participants about health care and benefits in a single hour-long forum. It starts with an outbound dial to a target audience of members or prospective members. Then we use educational introductions, live Q&A and real-time polling to engage the listening audience over the phone. The program typically includes a mix of general benefit overviews and interactive Q&A to provide more detail and ensure that participants are gaining a complete understanding of the subject matter. Our forums are customized to achieve the specific goals of our clients based on detailed script/agenda development and professional live event production. Since 2020, TTHM has managed thousands of Telephone Townhall Meetings with health care beneficiaries in tandem with client presenters. A majority of our Teletownhall forums are held with Medicare and Medicaid recipients who are more comfortable learning about benefits in a phone forum format. Beyond benefit explanations, we often use these forums to educate listeners on the digital tools available to them and how to access them on smart devices and computers.

Virta Health helps people reverse Type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions. Current approaches manage disease progression through increased medication use and infrequent doctor visits. Virta reverses Type 2 diabetes through innovations in technology, nutrition science and continuous remote care from physicians and behavioral experts. In clinical studies, 94% of patients reduce or eliminate insulin use, and weight-loss exceeds FDA benchmarks by 150%. Virta works with the largest health plans, employers and government organizations and puts 100% of its fees at risk based on clinical and financial outcomes. To learn more about how Virta is transforming lives by reversing Type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases, visit www.virtahealth.com

Capital Rx is built around the mission of changing the way prescription drugs are priced and patients are serviced. A health technology company daring to reimagine the pharmacy benefits industry, Capital Rx is executing on that mission through its Clearinghouse Model® - the first ethical framework for drug pricing. Capital Rx's enterprise pharmacy platform, JUDI®, connects every aspect of the pharmacy ecosystem in one platform, enabling patient engagement and increasing efficiency to achieve the highest standards of clinical care.

LifeStation is one of the leading providers of medical alert monitoring and telehealth technology services in the United States. LifeStation’s mission is to leverage innovative technology and services to transform the lives of seniors and help them live safely and independently. Our full suite of solutions improve patient outcomes, reduce readmissions and ensure senior safety. Stay competitive and reduce costs by letting us be your partner in Senior health.

Custom Health helps people who take medication to have the best possible health outcome. We connect patients with their circle of care, help them to take meds as prescribed with easy-to-use digital health tools, then go beyond adherence to make sure those meds are doing what they should. Our integrated healthcare delivery model includes personalized medication management, always-on clinical oversight, remote patient monitoring, and home-based care. For more information visit www.customhealth.com.